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Nextgen Technologies Inc. has openings for Systems Administrator (NG-2015-5) in San Jose, CA.

Job Title

Systems Administrator

Job Duties

Analyze, design, install, troubleshoot, implement, maintain, and manage network solutions, security measures and standards and support enterprise network , computer and systems as per requirement. Maintain and monitor Enterprise network hardware and software to ensure availability to all system users. Assist in providing technical support in a multi-site configuration.

Job Requirements

Required Masters or foreign equivalent in CS, CA, CIS, MIS, Engineering (Any), or any related field. Must be able to travel/relocate to various client sites throughout the U.S.A.

Location of Work:

Nextgen Technologies Inc, 1735 North 1st Street #308, San Jose CA 95112.

To apply please send resumes to HR Manager, Nextgen Technologies Inc.,1735 North 1st Street #308, San Jose, CA 95112.,or email to resumes@nextgentechinc.com

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